Monday, August 1, 2022

A Flower

I open my petals to the rising Sun,

Letting the soft rays caress my soul ....

I see the green grass shimmering like a  huge silver Bowl.

I  sing softly to the tune of humming birds,

Aah ! This morning bliss cannot be shared in words.

I sway  along with the rhythm of gentle wind,

My friends join me as I gaily sing.

Everywhere I  can see blooming heads shining like beams.

Presenting a rainbow , bursting at the seams.

Bees prance and dance around me ,

Gently probing and digging my soul,

I feel like a mother  while churning out honey.

I feel blessed on this beautiful journey.

Heady fragrance in the air, intoxicating so many  lovers on the fray,

All the rainbows cover them happily while they enjoy their romantic day.

Suddenly rough hands appear from nowhere ,

They snatch me from my bed ,

I am shocked, I am scared.

All the rainbows now lie cramped in a basket ,

On the way to the elusive  flower market .

Alas !  ,This is what my  Karma sends,

This is where my journey ends .

Ila Pachauri 


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